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LUSH // Oshawa Centre

Immerse yourself in natural, handmade scents + suds as you stay fresh all weekend long with LUSH cosmetics. With ingredients derived from organic fruits, vegetables + essential oils; all of their products are made fresh by hand with little to no preservatives or packaging.


Goddess Mini-Shoots

Capturing the divine essence of women through the lens, Jill Ridout specializes in goddess photoshoots that celebrate femininity, strength + beauty. Picture this: flowing dresses, enchanting scenery + a blend of ethereal light. Enter a realm where every woman embraces her own inner goddess in a way that feels totally natural and empowering!

Instagram: @jillridoutphotography

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Love Mexico

Indulge in vegan-friendly pizza all weekend long! Featuring 48 hour fermented sourdough using organic flour made with in house grain mill from local heirloom grains. Portobello Road works closely with local farmers to source the very best seasonal ingredients.



Tia Savanna Tattoo

Infusing spirituality + self-love into every piece she creates; Tia specializes in intricately fine line florals, ornamental pieces, goddess representations + designs that embody the essence of beauty + inner strength. By working closely with each client, Tia ensures that their unique visions are translated into transformative pieces that reflect their individual essence + spiritual connection.

Flash-Pieces Only

First Come First Serve // 20-40min sessions available

Instagram: @tia_savanna_tattoo

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Amanita Haus Collections

Explore the #womenrun artist's collective + marketplace featuring handmade textiles, art, ceramics, herbal magic + more at the Amanita Haus pop-up all day Saturday. 

Instagram: @amanitahauscollections

Visit the Website:


Restore Your Vibe

Browse the worldwide, ethically sourced collection of crystals, herbs + spiritual tools at the RESTORE booth all day Friday + Saturday.

Instagram: @restoreyourvibe

Visit the Website:

Ancient Paths Wellness

Immerse yourself in ceremonial grade frankincense + healing vibrational frequencies as you explore the wide range of products, services + offerings all day Saturday.

Instagram: @ancientpathswellness

Visit the Website:


Francis + Meyer Candle Co

Browse the consciously curated collection of Francis + Meyer crystal infused ritual candles.

Instagram: @francisandmeyer

Visit the Website:

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Avalons Beaded Jewelry

Support a local maker, creating Indigenous-inspired adornments for your fullest, colourful expression.

Instagram: @avalonsbeadedjewelry

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Jungle Cultura

Experience a modern day approach to the wisdom of intelligent, ancient medicines. Serving + educating the community with the medicines of Rapéh, Santa Maria, Shamanic Healing + more.

Visit the Website:

Instagram: @junglecultura

Soulful Blessings Studio

Experience individual or coupled 30-minute TCM + Energy Healing with a TCM practitioner. Treatments include 5-min. intake + 20-min. service (acupressure, fire cupping, moxibustion +/or guasha depending on pulse, tongue + symptomatology). Energy healing will include connection to weak auric areas connecting individuals back to earth star + soul star.

SHOP: moxibustion kits (medicinal mugwort) + ceremony kits (palo santo, mayan copal, peruvian cacao, sage + selenite wands).

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