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EMBODYFEST Founder & Head Coordinator

Emily Rebecca

Emily has dedicated her life to sharing the tools, practices + modalities that have catalyzed her healing journey into a life of unapologetic freedom + liberation. She is most passionate in the realm of guiding others to remember their wild, primal nature + the power that comes with taking up space through integrity-rooted embodiment.


Photographer, Videographer + Assistant Coordinator

Jill Ridout

As a festival-enthusiast + professional photographer with a ceremonial / raw + primal vibe, Jill loves to capture people in their natural element. She will fully support you to take up space in your fullest expression as you explore new layers of your confidence + character.


Workshop Guide + Yoga Facilitator

Tiana Prince

Hi, I'm Tiana, an ever-curious, passionate, and devoted student and teacher of yoga. I offer explorative movement practices woven with music, poetry, chanting, and storytelling, to inspire both playful and profound connection and expression. Ever-enchanted by the natural world, I love being immersed in nature and going on adventures! Since 2018, I have been travelling, learning, and teaching yoga in Costa Rica, India, Peru, Canary Islands, France, Morocco, Guadeloupe, and my home country, Canada. I can’t wait to practice, dance, sing, and connect with you!


Hatha Yoga Facilitator + Artist

Adam Duke

Adam is a fruit loving yogi who attempts to blend a well balanced smoothie of postures, breathing, mindfulness, chanting, and devotion to serve our community a refreshing practice with a healthy zest of playfulness. His "orchard" of experience includes over 500 hours of training in India, Kids Yoga Certification, in addition to being a recreational gymnastics coach & inversion specialist . He loves to explore the multi-faceted flavours of travel & exploration and has taught and walked the gardens of Mexico, India, Canada, Costa Rica and parts of Europe. He is here to cultivate a more fruitful life and welcomes all to join!


Shamanic Journey Guide + Yoga Facilitator

Jessi Hoey

Jessi is a forever student of the ancient mystery schools of yogic wisdom, earth medicines + healing practices. Jessi teaches from the heart, using her own experience + vulnerability to create a safe space for others to open up to the profound & ineffable mystery of being. Explore the worlds of Shamanic Healing, Devotional Yoga + Hypnotic Trance with owner of Nirmana School of Yoga; Jessi Hooey.

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Warrior Workshop Guide + Artist

Shehan Chandrasegaram 

Shehan combines ancient + artistic philosophy of martial arts, yoga + creative expression to being integral components for one to achieve liberation of the mind, body + soul. With a rebellious nature + hunger for his own roots, Shehan has travelled globally to Sri Lanka, Japan, Argentina + Europe where he pulls influence from many tools which have helped him overcome conditions of the masculine mind. As a devoted artist + member of his community; he strives to share his experience and wisdom with anyone who resonates with the human experience of their own hero’s journey. 

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Medicine Woman + Feminine Activation Guide

Monica Guerreiro

As a steward + devoted child of Mother Gaia; Monica is most passionate in facilitating Womb Healing, Shamanic Rituals, Plant Medicine Ceremonies + Tantric Alchemical Healing. Monica is an avid explorer in the realms of spiritual mysticism, philosophy + divine connection through empowering practices such as feminine embodiment, chant, breath-work + prayer. Forging divine nature + fierce aspects of our primal being in order to elevate our innermost vibration & blooming; Monica will guide you to meet the inner creatrix that weaves desires into manifestations for a joyous, fruitful and pleasurable life.

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Sensual Embodiment Guide

Jess Saunders

A leading voice of feminine empowerment in the local community; Jess specializes in creating a space where you feel fully supported tap into your sensuality freely and playfully through the art of choreographed dance + intuitive movement. As a mom of four young babes, she emphasizes that all women at all stages of life are worthy of feeling confident + loved in their bodies. Explore the world of sensual dance with owner of Essence Movement Studios; Jess Saunders.

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Cold Plunge + Breathwork Facilitator

Kailey Noble

Kailey is passionate about living life to the fullest. A mother, nature lover and creator, her lust for life stems from her curious nature. She has been cold plunging for 2 years in a spring-fed creek tucked away in the forest of her property. This practice has supported Kailey on her journey to sobriety and she believes in its’ incredible potential. She has experienced first-hand the power it has to shift, shape and change your life. She looks forward to cheering you on as you embrace the cold! 

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Sound Bath Facilitator

Jennifer Steffen

Jenn specializes in creating sacred experiences through sound healing, frequency medicine & ancient wisdom. She believes that there is much wisdom to be gained as we honour the traditions and practices of the Ancients. Her intention is to combine ancient wisdom and tools with modern science and technology for healing the body, soul & Spirit. It is in our nature to be conduits of Divine Love; this theme is present in all of Jenn's sound immersion experiences.


Visual, Therapeutic Artist

Katherine Polack

Katherine is an ocean-inspired therapeutic artist who has always felt a deep connection to the magical and calming effects of the sea. Through her artistic journey, she has discovered and played with the therapeutic effects of art for self exploration, healing and connection. Now, as she explores the world of ocean conservation, she sees that understanding our underwater world is intertwined with understanding ourselves. Her hope is to guide others to reconnect with parts of themselves they may have forgotten and bring out each individual’s unique voice through art. Art is always patiently waiting for you without judgment and is always ready to guide your next steps.

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Cacao + Breathwork Facilitator

Angelica Abate

Angelica is a multifaceted healer + guide on a mission to ignite transformation + wellness from within. With a gentle touch + deep understanding, Angelica guides seekers through the sacred art of breathwork, unlocking the power of the breath to cleanse, heal + rejuvenate. With a heart devoted to holistic healing, she has been on the path to becoming a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCMP), delving into ancient wisdom to complement their modern practice in order to restore the body's innate healing ability through ancient treatment practices and herbal medicine.

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Cacao + Breathwork Facilitator

Kat Blessings

As an energy healing facilitator; Kat guides your mind, body + spirit into a full relaxing soulful experience. As a ceremony facilitator + student of the earth; she has travelled all over South America to absorb the wisdom and knowledge from ancestors who brought plant medicine into human hearts, as well as integrating her knowledge of plant medicine into a child-like wonder of how everything comes together through divine intervention while guiding others on a transformative journey towards deeper self-awareness, healing + empowerment.

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