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Parted Gardens is a multi media, environmental ambient music project by artist James Gorry.  While submerged + inspired by nature; Gorry collects visuals + field recordings. Using unique equipment, he turns these sources into drifting instrumentals + immersive soundscape experiences.

Anticipate a meditative, improvised soundscape performance that slowly evolves into a growing ecstatic dance; moving from birth + life, to death + the afterlife.


Experience Alycia Rose live at EMBODYEST. As a local cover-artist gem of Ontario, she will be offering a blend of folk, rock + Woodstock inspired vibes throughout her performance. As a full-time professional dancer; Alycia brings an element of confidence + unique, vibrant energy to the Main Stage. Grab your grooviest gear + hit the field Friday afternoon, you won't want to miss this.


With a taste of the 90's, the Stones on Neptune is a band with an earthy groove between the genres of alternative + post - grunge rock. Formed with a collective passion of various musical styles, influences + a significant, creative synergy that gives us all a sense of beloved nostalgia.


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Jeremy Legault is a Singer-Songwriter, Conscious Music Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Mix Engineer.

Playing a blend of Roots-Reggae, Folk, Rock and Conscious Hip-Hop. He offers an ecstatic live set, balancing his well crafted songwriting with soulful improvisation and interactive sing-alongs. Jeremy emphasizes the outpouring of unconditional love and harmony through the lyrics and vibrations that he exudes.




Journey through a full-body-bliss activation with ECSTATICA DUO: Monica (Movemement Guide) + DJ Wizdom.

Ecstatica's sacred mission is to ignite the community & support your own power to cultivate & reach beautiful states of ecstasy. The inspiration comes from our beloved Mother Nature, who reflects to us how to use the elements to create unlimited abundance & ecstasy from within.

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Experience the enchanting power of Vibrational Sound Healing underneath the canopy of the stars! Prepare to rest + receive, while basking in the bliss of nature. Complementing the healing oasis that surrounds us, immerse yourself in the harmony of Alchemy Crystal bowls; activating the parasympathetic nervous system + nourishing the body, mind + soul back to a state of equilibrium.

Each sonic journey is unique and will transport guests into the various layers of consciousness, allowing for personal expansion, transformation + deeper connection to Self + Source energy. 
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