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Meet the Visionary

Welcome!! I'm Emily Rebecca, founder of EMBODYFEST + it's my greatest honour to bring this festival of embodiment to the local community of Blackstock, Ontario. Our earth is hurting, people are suffering + I know I'm not the only one that can feel this heavy, collective pain. It is time we come together + celebrate this precious life with one another. Submerged in nature; we remember that we are one with it.

Won't you join us in the forest?


EMBODYFEST was created with the dream + vision of bringing the community together in the name of celebrating our interconnectedness as a collective + our fullest expression as individuals.

As a team of local leaders, artists + creatives; we have woven together an experience that will, undeniably, support you to feel safe + confident in your wildest, embodied expression.

Our greatest intention is to uplift the spirits and energy of the surrounding community. Recent tragedies worldwide have inspired us to make a large-scale effort to celebrate + appreciate how precious and sacred human life is.

We envision this festival evolving into decades of embodiment; that never loses its' grass-roots.

With all of our love + adventure,

Emily Rebecca

Founder + Head Coordinator


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