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By accessing our website, participating as a member of our staff or purchasing an EMBODYFEST ticket; you agree to these policies for the purposes of integrity, safety + respect of all involved in the EMBODYFEST micro-festival experience.


1. Attendees must adhere to all safety guidelines and instructions provided by festival staff.

2. Camping areas must be kept clear of any fire hazards; campfires are only allowed in designated areas.

3. Attendees are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. Any reckless behavior that endangers oneself or others will not be tolerated.

4. Emergency exits and evacuation routes must be kept clear at all times.

5. In case of medical emergencies, attendees must seek assistance from festival staff immediately.

6. First Aid will be available in the Solar Field (refer to map) from the hours of 7am-11pm. Any serious, medical emergencies outside of these hours will result in contact of an ambulance.

7. We encourage you to participate in any workshops, classes or experiences at your own risk. If you are concerned about the state of your health prior to attending EMBODYFEST, we ask that you seek medical advice from your Doctor regarding which activities you should avoid.


8. As a 19+ event, we encourage you to explore the grounds at yout own risk. EMBODYFEST is not liable for any injuries that occur on-site; as participation + exploration is at your own discretion.


9. Any behavior that disrupts the peaceful atmosphere of the festival, including excessive noise, aggression, or violence, will not be tolerated.

10. Attendees are expected to behave in a manner that upholds the values of the festival community.


11. Festival organizers reserve the right to remove any individual who violates these terms and conditions without refund.


1. Respect for fellow attendees, staff, performers, and the environment is paramount.

2. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

3. Attendees must respect the natural surroundings of the festival site and refrain from littering or damaging the environment / property structures.

4. Any conflicts or disagreements should be handled peacefully and respectfully.


1. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited at the festival. This is an alohol-free, plant-friendly event. Any alcohol or illegal substances will be confiscated and safely disposed.

2. Illegal drugs are not permitted on the festival grounds. 

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